Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Libyan Rebel Leader Abdelhakim Belhaj Admits to Al Qaeda Ties

Source: http://no-pasaran.blogspot.com
Published: Sunday, September 04, 2011.
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Libyan Rebel Leader Admits to Al Qaeda Ties

In a Le Monde interview with Christophe Ayad that is highlighted on the front page of the French daily, the National Transition Council's newly-nominated head of Tripoli's security admits to having been part of Al Qaeda. Needless to say, Abdelhakim Belhaj adds in a reassuring voice that the faction that he was part of (the Islamic Combat Group) was never subservient to Osama Bin Laden's organization.

Not to worry, therefore: Abdelhakim Belhaj — who claims to having been arrested in Malaysia in 2004, tortured by the CIA in Bangkok, and put on a plane for Libya to be handed over to Kaddhafi's henchmen (he was not released until March 2010) — claims further that his ideals are "a civilian state with real liberties, and respect for law and justice. We wanted change, we wanted reforms. We never fought just for the sake of fighting."

All good, if true. Problem is, we might be getting exactly the same speeches, the same explanations, and the same excuses as from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.
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